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“The Safari Bath” – Your pet is always lovingly bathed by well-trained and supervised bathers who emphasize your pet’s safety and comfort.

Here at safari we have a few different grooming packages specially designed for your furry loved ones grooming needs.

These services include:

“The Safari 3 Step” –   (Prices start at $15. Prices are based on pets weight.)

“The Safari Maintenance Groom” –  (Prices start at $35. Prices are based on pets weight.)

“The Safari Full Groom”     (Prices start at $53. Prices are based on pets weight)

**At Safari the Safety of your pet is our top priority that is why we require all pets visiting our salon be current on all Vaccines. These include Rabies, DHP (Distemper-Adenovirus type 2- Parainfluenza) Parvo (Parvovirus Vaccine), and Bordetella (Intranasal kennel cough vaccine). **

“The Safari Three Step Bath” Optional bath that provides exceptional coat and skin cleaning and conditioning.

Step 1

We start with a Deep Cleansing Shampoo which reduces itching, flushes hair follicles and is antimicrobial. The coat is then combed to remove mats, dead skin and debris from the coat.


Step 2

The second step is a Moisturizing Conditioner which restores moisture to the skin and provides a thin film barrier that prevents drying of the moisturized skin. The coat is then cool force air dried and brushed and combed to remove the undercoat and dead hair which reduces shedding.


Step 3

Finally a Conditioning Mist is applied which conditions the hair, softens and adds luster and shine to the coat.


“The Safari Maintenance Groom”

The Safari Full Groom”