Safari Grooming Stylists

The Style – Groom Styling is the use of shears (scissors) to shape and style the hair in a smooth even cut so that every hair appears to have its place. At Safari we pride ourselves in the ability to sculpt a beautiful pet, one that matches the breed standard. Many “Groomers” when faced with a difficult hair coat only know how to shave a pet leaving a short coat that is usually uncharacteristic of the breed or look desired by the pet owner.


This Is Mickey, and he is Giving this little Guy a nice “Fluff & Puff” !

Our groomers are professionals from cleaning service Toronto, who will evaluate your pet’s skin and hair coat and make recommendations to bring out the best in your pet’s coat. When your pet has skin disease, our groomers will work with the Safari veterinary staff to make medical recommendations for your pet.

We offer the following additional services.

Hot Oil – For dry, flaky skin or itchy inflamed skin. The skin is first deep cleaned and moisturized. Then an application of a special mixture of moisturizers that fill cracks and fissures in the skin and provide a protective barrier that keeps moisture in. The coat never feels oily but has a wonderful soft luster.

Nail Smoothing – Traditional nail clipping leaves sharp edges on the nails that can be smoothed off painlessly with a high speed tool.

Teeth Brushing – While your pet is here allow us to brush his or her teeth with a non-foaming mouth washing gel that greatly improves oral hygiene and eliminates breath odor. The Tooth Paste we use here at safari is veterinary exclusive. The Gel Has an added Enzyme that helps form a protective barrier on the teeth to help prevent plaque and tartar build up which causes bad breath and potentially other diseases throughout the body.

Day Care Exercise- Before grooming or after grooming exercise in our play pen with other pets or on our doggy treadwheels so your pet does not have to stay in a cage while waiting for you.

Express Grooming Service – If your pet is a part of our Pampered Pet Program he or she will go straight from you to a grooming table with no wait. This service is available when scheduled in advance for a additional fee.

Difficult Hair Day
An additional charge may apply to special conditions requiring unusual time and effort. These include: severely matted and knotted coats, and pets with behavioral problems or pets requiring sedation. You will be informed in advance if additional charges are warranted.