Why is there a tree in the Safari Grooming Room?

The tree in the grooming room is a large pecan tree that was toppled by Hurricane IKE. Dr. Garner purchased several of these trees and has preserved them in Safari bu using them as decorative “furniture”. Both the tree and the table surrounding the tree were of the same 100 year old pecan tree and the restorative work and cleaners was done by Dr. Garner himself.

Many owners and workers in the pet care sector describe similar feelings, realizing that working with animals, and getting a creative outlet in the process, is their true calling. And, when it comes to pet groomers in particular, their number is growing.

Americans will spend $5.4 billion on pet boarding and grooming services this year, according to the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association, an industry group. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the job category that includes pet groomers will grow 11 percent through 2023, faster than the average growth for the economy as a whole. The agency cited an increase in households that have pets and turnover that makes room for newer workers.

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