Pampered Pet Grooming Program

(Your pet is groomed at least every 8 weeks or 6 times a year)

Priority Holiday Scheduling
(Your pet has priority booking for Thanksgiving and Christmas)

Express Grooming
(Your pet does not have to wait in a cage before or after grooming)

E-mail & Text Messages
(We send you updates on your pet’s grooming status and reminders through the media of your choice, Phone, Mail, Email or Text)

Pet Must Be Current on Vaccinations

The tree in the grooming room is a large pecan tree that was toppled by Hurricane IKE. Dr. Garner purchased several of these trees and has preserved them in Safari bu using them as decorative “furniture”. Both the tree and the table surrounding the tree were of the same 100 year old pecan tree and the restorative work was done by Dr. Garner himself. Read more info here.

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